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Out to pasture with Uncle Grumpy

Buggy whips. Gas lamps. TVs with rabbit ears. Cars without seatbelts. Rotary phones. Dial-up modems. Pauly Shore. Copy editors. Everything listed above is obsolete, old hat, antediluvian, bygone, timeworn, and generally kaput. Why do I mention “copy editors,” a group of fine hardworking Americans that includes my own self, your obedient language guardian Uncle Grumpy?… Continue reading Out to pasture with Uncle Grumpy

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Here comes Uncle Grumpy!

People say one of the advantages of growing older is feeling free to speak your mind, say “No!” more often, and generally just not give a hoot about what others think. Of course, I wouldn't know about that because I'm only 15...well, I would be if I'd been born on Leap Day. But I'm more… Continue reading Here comes Uncle Grumpy!