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A pandemic diary: Whoa

January 27, 2021 Photo by Andrew Beatson on A wet, grey winter morning turned downright grim with the latest news about how bad the pandemic is in Atlanta. According to a nationwide county-by-county breakdown, published by the New York Times and based mainly on state data, my county is at "an extremely high risk… Continue reading A pandemic diary: Whoa

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A pandemic diary: Falling dominoes

July 22, 2020 My shoulder hurts again. Dammit. It’ll be fine for several days, then stab me with no warning. This time, all I did was reach around to scratch my other shoulder, and it pulled too much or stretched too far. The pain flares out from the joint, up the side of my neck,… Continue reading A pandemic diary: Falling dominoes

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A pandemic diary: Notes from the bullseye

April 30, 2020 Another grocery pickup today. We found toilet paper with no trouble but didn't get all the meat we ordered, which is ominous in light of all the recent warnings about shortages. We at least came away with two big fresh whole chickens. Even they might be in short supply in Georgia soon.… Continue reading A pandemic diary: Notes from the bullseye