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A pandemic diary: Deuce

March 8, 2021 My second dose went in just fine. I didn't feel anxious about being in a crowd at the clinic, like the first time. Best of all, I dodged the onerous side effects that sometimes come with round 2: no chills, fatigue, fever, or muscle aches. My arm itches a little but isn't… Continue reading A pandemic diary: Deuce

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A pandemic diary: One down

February 17, 2021 Photo by on As of last week, I'm among the ranks of the half-protected, a lot luckier than many of us because I didn't have to scramble for vaccine. My regular medical provider emailed me to ask if I needed it, confirmed I was eligible ten days later, and two… Continue reading A pandemic diary: One down

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A pandemic diary: Whoa

January 27, 2021 Photo by Andrew Beatson on A wet, grey winter morning turned downright grim with the latest news about how bad the pandemic is in Atlanta. According to a nationwide county-by-county breakdown, published by the New York Times and based mainly on state data, my county is at "an extremely high risk… Continue reading A pandemic diary: Whoa

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A pandemic diary: Not the A list, the V list

January 20, 2021 As of yesterday I'm officially in line for the vaccine. I don't know when they'll be able to schedule me but at least it's a start, a first step out of the morass. I'm eligible because I'm over 65, though I don't feel half as deserving as the others in Phase 1A:… Continue reading A pandemic diary: Not the A list, the V list