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A pandemic diary: Tell me something

May 20, 2020 It's confounding how the most ordinary things have become complicated. A misplaced box of screws for a home improvement project means a trip to the store and that means masks, worries about surfaces, and general stress. On top of all that, the elastic on the mask tugs on my hearing aids and… Continue reading A pandemic diary: Tell me something

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A pandemic diary: Notes from the bullseye

April 30, 2020 Another grocery pickup today. We found toilet paper with no trouble but didn't get all the meat we ordered, which is ominous in light of all the recent warnings about shortages. We at least came away with two big fresh whole chickens. Even they might be in short supply in Georgia soon.… Continue reading A pandemic diary: Notes from the bullseye

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The ATL for Yankees and Gator fans

Greetings to all Michigan Wolverines, Florida Gators,* folks who got on the wrong plane, and everybody else who’s bound for Atlanta and the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl! This is part of that delightful American holiday tradition in which we celebrate with family, give to the needy, humbly honor the rituals of our faith, and resolve to… Continue reading The ATL for Yankees and Gator fans

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Hello, it’s me. Seriously.

Hi, this is Dave. It’s really me. No kidding. Honestly, I’m Dave. I’m the real deal, the true article, born smack in the middle of the Boom and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan (where the city motto is, “Nobody Knows What the Heck It Means Anymore, But Yeah, There’s Still a Kalamazoo”). I’m Dave, the guy… Continue reading Hello, it’s me. Seriously.

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Justice, humanity, and language

If you're a writer, jealousy and envy can be hard to keep in check. But while I might envy John le Carré every time I open one of his books, I don't usually feel that way about Supreme Court justices. However, as you've probably heard, Justice Anthony Kennedy's closing paragraph in his decision on same-sex… Continue reading Justice, humanity, and language

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Their past, our present

When a movie star lies about his past to protect his image, it's usually a non-story. In fact, in Hollywood, it's probably considered PR 101. But Ben Affleck went way over the line when he persuaded the PBS genealogy program “Finding Your Roots” not to mention an ancestor who owned slaves. As a result, PBS… Continue reading Their past, our present

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Going south (of the waistline)

We're heading into stormy seas. Turbulence, quicksand, minefields, a bear trap, a maze of mirrors. The most dangerous place in the universe for any man with half a microgram of sense: a public discussion of the anatomy in the nether regions belonging to non-men, in other words women (AAAHHH-OOOO-GAAAA!!!!! WARNING!!!! DIVE!!! DIVE!!! AND BRING ME… Continue reading Going south (of the waistline)

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Birds of the weather

As I’ve said before, Florida sure is an interesting place, especially the wildlife, and no, I don’t mean Justin Bieber in Miami. When my wife and I went down to Ft. Myers last week, our hotel was on a classic suburban strip, yet just a short walk from an old canal that’s also a bike… Continue reading Birds of the weather