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Scammer grammar hammer

I’ve found my calling. Since I retired a couple of years back, I’ve been floundering in the shallows of unfulfillment, trying to find purpose in geezerhood. And the market for over-60 male porn stars is a lot smaller than I hoped. But now I’ve found a gig I can do brilliantly. It’ll never dry up… Continue reading Scammer grammar hammer

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Hello, it’s me. Seriously.

Hi, this is Dave. It’s really me. No kidding. Honestly, I’m Dave. I’m the real deal, the true article, born smack in the middle of the Boom and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan (where the city motto is, “Nobody Knows What the Heck It Means Anymore, But Yeah, There’s Still a Kalamazoo”). I’m Dave, the guy… Continue reading Hello, it’s me. Seriously.

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Diary of a hacking victim, chapter 1

Exposed. Naked (and not in any good way). Vulnerable. Powerless. Adrift. Apprehensive. Anxious. Frustrated. Overwhelmed. And definitely mad as hell. These are some of the things I've felt since learning that I'm among the millions whose precious personal data was lost when the federal Office of Personnel Management got hacked. When the story broke I… Continue reading Diary of a hacking victim, chapter 1