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A pandemic diary: Change and perseverance

August 27, 2020 I was sitting in traffic the other day when a dragonfly dropped out of the sky right in front of the windshield. It hovered like a Blackhawk, wings beating impossibly fast, before zipping away out of sight; their average speed is about ten miles an hour but they can get up to… Continue reading A pandemic diary: Change and perseverance

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A pandemic diary: Being here

May 17, 2020 Saturday I attended an online meeting of the Atlanta Writers Club, an organization that predates the last pandemic and is rolling with the punches during this one. Sadly, another much-loved Atlanta event has gone dark: a monthly jam session for singers, including my wife. A bandstand plus a roomful of vocalists and… Continue reading A pandemic diary: Being here

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Do not operate heavy equipment while reading this post

Being a writer takes purpose, a thick skin, and not least, concentration. To produce pages, I need to tune out the world and stay in the moment, focused on the story and absolutely nothing else. It makes me appreciate my grandmother’s favorite saying: “One thing at a time, and that done well, is a very… Continue reading Do not operate heavy equipment while reading this post

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Farewell to a friend

The dragonflies were coming out at the beach last week, a new cycle of life beginning with the season. For my wife and me, a stage of life was ending, as we cleared out and sold the beach house we’d owned and cherished for the last sixteen years. Growing up in the Midwest and not… Continue reading Farewell to a friend

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Announcing…my first fiction!

As much as I love blogging, I've got another kind of writers' itch that demands a scratch. And now..."The Fourteenth Pelican” is live and ready to read! If you're a fan of Carl Hiaasen, Tim Dorsey, or Garrison Keillor's Guy Noir, you'll like this short, tongue-in-cheek detective yarn. The hero is an intrepid (?) private… Continue reading Announcing…my first fiction!

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Birds of the weather

As I’ve said before, Florida sure is an interesting place, especially the wildlife, and no, I don’t mean Justin Bieber in Miami. When my wife and I went down to Ft. Myers last week, our hotel was on a classic suburban strip, yet just a short walk from an old canal that’s also a bike… Continue reading Birds of the weather