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Another new short story!

Remember the band The Dead Milkmen? Even if you weren't around in their heyday, you've probably heard the joke and urban legend that gave rise to the name. Only what if it wasn't just a joke? Did your placid suburban neighborhood have a Lothario prowling the streets at dawn, delivering more than milk and cottage… Continue reading Another new short story!

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A pandemic diary: Change and perseverance

August 27, 2020 I was sitting in traffic the other day when a dragonfly dropped out of the sky right in front of the windshield. It hovered like a Blackhawk, wings beating impossibly fast, before zipping away out of sight; their average speed is about ten miles an hour but they can get up to… Continue reading A pandemic diary: Change and perseverance

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Our hometown

This time it’s personal. The dateline isn’t San Bernardino, Colorado City, Charleston, Newtown, Roseburg, or any of the other well-known places where shots were fired and innocent people were slaughtered. I heard those stories, and too many others to mention, in sadness and anger but with no sense of connection. All of those events were… Continue reading Our hometown