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A pandemic diary: Stay away from those boats!

April 6, 2021 This can't be coincidence. Just when we're rediscovering Ernest Hemingway, who chronicled the Roaring 20s so memorably in "The Sun Also Rises," along comes a prediction that we're headed for a post-pandemic blowout that's already been dubbed the Roaring 2020s. At least we'll have legal booze, which no one did during Prohibition.… Continue reading A pandemic diary: Stay away from those boats!

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Another new short story!

Remember the band The Dead Milkmen? Even if you weren't around in their heyday, you've probably heard the joke and urban legend that gave rise to the name. Only what if it wasn't just a joke? Did your placid suburban neighborhood have a Lothario prowling the streets at dawn, delivering more than milk and cottage… Continue reading Another new short story!

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A pandemic diary: My new short story

September 1, 2020 While this blog keeps me busy and helps me cope with the pandemic, I also write fiction. I recently turned out a story called "High Tide," which is about the virus, beaches, life, and most of all, love. It's just been published by the Dead Mule School of Southern Literature. Click on… Continue reading A pandemic diary: My new short story

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A pandemic diary: Independence

July 7, 2020 You had the perfect Fourth. Everything was great – the beach, the weather, the fireworks, and most of all, just hanging out and being normal again. You’d almost gotten used to the six-foot bullshit, and the mask when you absolutely had to, but no more. From now on you're free. Just like… Continue reading A pandemic diary: Independence

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Southern overexposure

A problem facing writers like myself is establishing an identity. It helps if one’s homeland conveys gravitas (which sounds cool even if it’s a buzzword) and by default plants you in the same ballpark with giants like William Faulkner and Eudora Welty. So by virtue of the fact that I’ve lived way down below the… Continue reading Southern overexposure

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Alternative Dave

"A top aide to President Trump said the new White House is using new metrics to assess the size of Trump's inauguration:' alternative facts'" – USA TODAY, January 22, 2017. In the spirit of bipartisanship and cooperation with our new president, I humbly offer these alternative facts about myself: I possess a full head of… Continue reading Alternative Dave

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Author's note: This is the first time I've posted fiction here. None of the characters are based on real people, the setting is not a particular place in Atlanta, and the story is not based on actual events. **************** Brianna was afraid she wouldn’t get to see the president. The principal confirmed the rumor right… Continue reading Reds

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“Reefer and Jesus”

I’ve got some actual news to talk about, and I’d say “Stop the presses!” but the big scoop is that they’ve started the presses over at the Birmingham Arts Journal in Alabama, on an issue that includes my short story, “Reefer and Jesus.” This is my first published fiction, i.e., published by someone besides my… Continue reading “Reefer and Jesus”

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New short fiction about a very long war

I've published another short story on Amazon, and not a humorous piece like "The Fourteenth Pelican" this time. “A New Grateful Nation” is about people coming back from our country's longest war, but for whom it's not over just yet. It's also about those who've been fighting equally important battles on the homefront all along.… Continue reading New short fiction about a very long war