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A bad spell of whether

It’s official. We’re in a national crisis. You don’t have to take my word for it. Plenty of more authoritative authorities than your Uncle Grumpy have exposed the shocking truth: the White House can’t spell. In Washington, you know you’re in trouble when two big stories about your problem surface like enemy submarines on the… Continue reading A bad spell of whether

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Uncle Grumpy’s new friend

What do we all want most? (No, not that; this is strictly a G-rated post, “G” for Grumpy.) We want the whole world to agree with us and acknowledge how brilliant we are! So with no humility or irony whatsoever, I present that the fine folks at The New York Times are in flat-out straight-shootin'… Continue reading Uncle Grumpy’s new friend

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Diary of a hacking victim, chapter 1

Exposed. Naked (and not in any good way). Vulnerable. Powerless. Adrift. Apprehensive. Anxious. Frustrated. Overwhelmed. And definitely mad as hell. These are some of the things I've felt since learning that I'm among the millions whose precious personal data was lost when the federal Office of Personnel Management got hacked. When the story broke I… Continue reading Diary of a hacking victim, chapter 1