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A pandemic diary: Loss and limbo

March 22, 2021 Since I'm older than 65 and fully vaccinated, I'm apparently supposed to be out carousing with my fellow geezers, celebrating my return to a normal life. Instead, I'm worrying over the death of someone I didn't even know. That person is Kent Taylor (above), founder and CEO of the Texas Roadhouse restaurant… Continue reading A pandemic diary: Loss and limbo

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State of the (re)union

Though we've just plunged into 2021, I'm already musing about an unwelcome milestone coming in '22: my fiftieth high school class reunion. I have no intention of going, yet it's looming on my mental horizon like a lake freighter with a cargo of memories, most of which I'd just as soon forget. That period wasn't… Continue reading State of the (re)union

coronavirus, Covid 19 pandemic, depression, Pandemic diary

A pandemic diary: Dog doldrums

August 21, 2020 These are unquestionably the dog days of August. Not because people are rushing to find pups for companionship, often acting on impulses that both humans and pooches will regret. (Hint: Be sure you're not dealing with a puppy mill, and if you don't like early-morning walks, you'd best forget the whole thing).… Continue reading A pandemic diary: Dog doldrums