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A pandemic diary: Stay away from those boats!

April 6, 2021 This can't be coincidence. Just when we're rediscovering Ernest Hemingway, who chronicled the Roaring 20s so memorably in "The Sun Also Rises," along comes a prediction that we're headed for a post-pandemic blowout that's already been dubbed the Roaring 2020s. At least we'll have legal booze, which no one did during Prohibition.… Continue reading A pandemic diary: Stay away from those boats!

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A pandemic diary: Loss and limbo

March 22, 2021 Since I'm older than 65 and fully vaccinated, I'm apparently supposed to be out carousing with my fellow geezers, celebrating my return to a normal life. Instead, I'm worrying over the death of someone I didn't even know. That person is Kent Taylor (above), founder and CEO of the Texas Roadhouse restaurant… Continue reading A pandemic diary: Loss and limbo

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A pandemic diary: One down

February 17, 2021 Photo by on As of last week, I'm among the ranks of the half-protected, a lot luckier than many of us because I didn't have to scramble for vaccine. My regular medical provider emailed me to ask if I needed it, confirmed I was eligible ten days later, and two… Continue reading A pandemic diary: One down

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State of the (re)union

Though we've just plunged into 2021, I'm already musing about an unwelcome milestone coming in '22: my fiftieth high school class reunion. I have no intention of going, yet it's looming on my mental horizon like a lake freighter with a cargo of memories, most of which I'd just as soon forget. That period wasn't… Continue reading State of the (re)union

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A pandemic diary: Whoa

January 27, 2021 Photo by Andrew Beatson on A wet, grey winter morning turned downright grim with the latest news about how bad the pandemic is in Atlanta. According to a nationwide county-by-county breakdown, published by the New York Times and based mainly on state data, my county is at "an extremely high risk… Continue reading A pandemic diary: Whoa

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A pandemic diary: Not the A list, the V list

January 20, 2021 As of yesterday I'm officially in line for the vaccine. I don't know when they'll be able to schedule me but at least it's a start, a first step out of the morass. I'm eligible because I'm over 65, though I don't feel half as deserving as the others in Phase 1A:… Continue reading A pandemic diary: Not the A list, the V list

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The Capitol I knew

January 7, 2021 One afternoon in the summer of 1998 I was sitting in my cramped broadcast booth in the Senate Radio & TV Correspondents Gallery in the Capitol, where I spent my days reporting on Congress for listeners all over the world on the Voice of America. I had just filed a routine story… Continue reading The Capitol I knew

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A pandemic diary: All roads lead nowhere

December 15, 2020 It means very little in the big scheme of things, but my wife and I have had to postpone something we'd been looking forward to: a visit to Florida. We'd planned to head down to Cape Coral, far enough south to have balmy winters yet only a day's drive from Atlanta. It's… Continue reading A pandemic diary: All roads lead nowhere

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A pandemic diary: Fear and loathing and more loathing

November 21, 2020 Thanksgiving my ass. Square one and ground zero is where we are, for the third bloody time. We've ridden the roller coaster of pain and poverty, death and despair for nine months, but there's no delivery, no blessed event in sight. As I've written before, my wife and I are among the… Continue reading A pandemic diary: Fear and loathing and more loathing