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Water under the radar

January 15, 2023

Drop of water about to splash on surface.
Are you lonesome for this? Photo by Pixabay on

If the last three years have taught me anything, it should have been to count my blessings and take nothing for granted. You’ll notice I began this confessional by saying should have. Should have. Shoulda, and definitely coulda. Yet…

Tuesday I stepped into the shower, my aging skin and bones eager for a cleansing, relaxing blast. After waiting a couple of minutes for the water to get hot, I started to worry. Several minutes later I grabbed a robe, and my wife and I set off ISO a plumber to heal the water heater.

He couldn’t come until Friday and didn’t show up then. We showered at a gym and were blessed with a dishwasher that had its own heating element, which saved us from having to haul out the teakettle and pour boiling water over the plates and silverware.

It turned out the water heater problem was a wiring issue, which an electrician fixed. We were relieved and happy – until I spotted an Alert on the thermostat and the inside temperature started falling, on a day when it was 40⁰ outside. (For those of y’all in the Twin Cities, Detroit, Buffalo, Bangor etc., around here that qualifies as cold.)

Blessing 2 was an HVAC tech who works on Saturday and didn’t quit until we had heat again. Blessing 3, the biggest of all, was that we haven’t lost our water completely like some folks in the Arizona desert. As the song says, you don’t miss your water until your well runs dry.

Though I might be revealing my geezerhood, I’m reminded that we used to get by with a whole lot less than many of us enjoy now. My mother managed with no dishwasher, one car, a rotary phone, and a black-and-white TV. This meant I was in college before I found out The Wizard of Oz was mostly in color. I somehow survived this cultural deprivation.

My belated New Year’s resolution is to learn from our recent past for a change and be grateful for the many good things in this life. Hopefully, I won’t miss my water as badly as Otis did.


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