Mastering the voice

Hello! Readers you are about to participate in a truly wonderful experiment of modern technology. I am writing this blog, no that’s not correct – I am actually vocalizing this blog. I am creating it, in other words, using the speech recognition feature on my Amazon Kindle. That’s right. Instead of pounding away on the keys, I’m sitting here talking into my Kindle! This blog is totally improvised, spontaneous, off the top of my head and through my vocal chords.

There are some drawbacks. For instance Amazon doesn’t know how to spell courts.* There’s another drawback for instance if I want to say, quote Mark I – see, that’s another problem. I was trying to insert a quotation mark, not trying to quote somebody named Mark and what if I wanted to say something like I hate Christmas music.. See what it did? I was trying to make a point, or rather stress a point by inserting the word P E R I O D. Instead I got to** punctuation marks.

Another drawback is that this thing will only process so many words at a time. That means I have to use short sentences, which is tough for any writer. As one of my professors in journalism school once said, short is not easy. This is sort of fun but I think I’ll stick to the old-fashioned way of blogging, in other words typing. Right now I feel sort of like Archy the cockroach jumping up and down on the typewriter keys. At least I can punctuate. Now how do I save this thing?

*What Amazon couldn’t spell was “cords.” I was trying to correct my first mistake and the software made another one.

**TWO punctuation marks.


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