Danger! Angry old man

I hate to keep harping (okay, ranting and proud of it) on the same theme, about young(er) people stereotyping us old(er) ones, but it keeps happening. Today my wife went to the eye doctor, who told her she’d have to keep medication in her eyes with the eyes closed for a certain time each day. When my wife brought up the inconvenience of this, the doctor replied with something like “Can’t you just do it when you take your nap?”

Listen up, y’all. Seriously. Put down the friggin’ phone and HEAR THIS.  My wife is NOT Grandma Moses, Granny Clampett, Sophia on “The Golden Girls,” or your 90-year-old bubbe from Del Boca Vista. While we’re on the subject, I don’t play shuffleboard or wear plaid pants up to my armpits, and we’re not puttering out the door at 4:30 to make the early bird. True, she is “retired.” HOWEVER, anybody with a gram of awareness and common sense – hopefully, that would include members of  the profession that’s licensed to prescribe drugs and poke at us with sharp instruments — knows that “retired” these days does not equate to “inactive and irrelevant.” If it ever did.

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